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After talking to many of my neighbors here in Washington Highlands, one thing is clear: we need to be more connected to what's available to us. We deserve to be more connected to the opportunities available to District residents but that are not often shared in a way that makes it possible for us to get involved. From starting a small business, to finding healthy activities to keep the kids busy, to getting some extra groceries, the opportunities and services are there. I am committed to communicating and connecting more effectively with the residents of Washington Highlands to share these opportunities.

Many programs exist for those who seek to pursue educational or entrepreneurial pursuits. There are also many programs for students to learn more about STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) and other important skills for success. Residents of SMD 8E06 are often not made aware of these programs because they are not communicated in a way that is personalized for the needs of this community. As commissioner I will work to on creative ways to share more information on the many opportunities available to my neighbors.


There are times when we find ourselves in need of additional food, hygiene productions and other household necessities. I will continue to do the work I have already done as a leader within the Greater Washington Urban League to bring these resources to district residents. Additionally, resources are needed to keep our area beautiful and free of trash and other debris in the streets. I have led several community cleanups and if elected, I will continue to lead these cleanups as well as work with the appropriate DC agencies to ensure our streets remain clean.


No one should have to do everything on their own. Whether it's childcare for the kids, someone to talk to about stress and anxiety, or assistance with finding a new job, I am committed to helping Washington Highlands residents who need support connect with the programs and offerings that provide it. One example of this type of support is the programming that will soon be offered through the new Family Success Center coming to Washington Highlands in Fall 2020. I am currently working with A Wider Circle to develop programming for this center and will continue to do so when elected.